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Why Sponsor an Orphan?

Our orphans come from victims of war and poverty

Our orphans come from situations of war and destitution; they are alone in this world.

It is one of the most difficult things in the world to witness a child in pain in a destructive world of wars, poverty and famine. Moreover, by losing a parent, these vulnerable children instantly lose their childhood. Orphans are forced to become older beyond their years, to work as opposed to play freely, to assume responsibilities as opposed to pursue their ambitions and to lose their dreams in order to survive. But with the right tools, a secure home, family meals and a proper education, our orphans can be given the chance to excel in their lives.

When you give a child an education, you give them life itself.

Sponsorship Portal Coming Soon

Soon, we will be releasing a portal so that you can view updates on your Orphan online! We will send you an email letting you know when this is live.

What your sponsorship means

Your continuous sponsorship will transform an orphan childs life by granting them with extraordinary opportunities in life, giving them a prosperous future, and bringing a glimmer of hope to their life. Your

Why sponsor an orphan?

The prophet (SAW) said: "The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this", and he held his two fingers together to illustrate. [Al-Bukhari] You can make an enormous difference to an orphan’s life by giving a little as £1 pound a day. Your donation is incredibly valuable to ensure that orphans are cared are take good care of for years to come. All our programmes are built to benefit as many orphan children, widows and orphan communities as possible. Our goal is to ensure that children remain free from a life of poverty with a caring network of support in place to guide them.

Educational Sponsorship

When you give a child an education, you see them grow, you create a spark in their imagination and open their mind to new possibilities and dreams. Thats because when you give a child an education, you give them life itself.

With your sponsorship Human Aid will provide a child with school uniform, school fees, and allowances for school equipment such as stationery and books for a chance to excel in academic studies.

Hifz Sponsorship

This sponsorship package will enable an orphan child to enrol in a Hifz-ul-Quran (memorisation of the Quran) programme as part of their daily schooling, as well as a comprehensive education and teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

The rewards of helping a child recite and memorize the noble Quran are countless….

What will I receive?

Depending on the Orphan project you have donated to - whether it is the Educational or Hifz sponsorship - we will send you an update throughout the school year on how your sponsored Orphan is performing in their education. We will have a sponsorship portal up and running soon so that you can view the updates on your sponsorship.

How else can I help?

From volunteering (Hyperlink) at our Human Aid events to getting together with your friends and starting your own fundraising initiative, there is so much you can do to help us fundraise for orphans across the world. Get in touch (Hyperlink) with us to find out more.

Dar-Al Salaam: Orphanage for Syrians


Dar-Al Salaam Orphanage (Residence of peace) is an orphanage in Lebanon for the Syrian orphans and widows. We are converting disused residential buildings into an orphanage in Lebanon. This orphanage will be a safe haven for 66 widows and 22 orphans who will live receive three meals a day. The children will also receive psychosocial support as a result of the trauma they have experienced throughout the Syrian Civil War.